User agreement

General Terms and Conditions

The User Agreement (Agreement) is relevant to the online casino site located at This resource is owned and operated by the Site Administration.

The Agreement regulates the relationship between the site Administration and Users. In this case, the Administration has the right to adjust any paragraphs of the Agreement, delete them or add new ones without informing the Users.

By accessing the Site’s services, the User accepts the Agreement with all its amendments and adjustments. From the moment of registration and entry to the Site, he is personally responsible for studying the Agreement and checking the relevance of the main provisions of this document.

Definition of terms in the Agreement

The terms used in the Agreement have a specific meaning.

1xslots casino is a resource located at It contains information about goods and services of interest to the User, about the Seller of goods or Service Provider, allows the choice and purchase of goods and services. In its work, the Site uses the Internet and Internet services.

Site Administration – employees authorized to manage the Site and communicate with Users on behalf of the Site Administrator.

User – a natural person who uses the Site’s services via the Internet.

Site content (Content) is the information provided on its pages. This includes: text files, images, covers, music files (with and without text), names of sections and subsections of the site, annotations, game descriptions, photos, logos, brand names, visual interfaces, etc. These objects are considered to be the result of intellectual activity, and the Site Administration guarantees their confidentiality to the developers. The design, structure, appearance of objects, coordination, layout, style of Content and other intellectual property objects on are also protected. They are subject to protection as a whole and individually.

Object of the Agreement

The purpose of this Agreement is to provide the User with access to the goods and services offered by the Site. The list of services considered includes: free access to navigation tools, information search, the User’s ability to post comments, ratings, messages to the Administration and other Users, the ability to rate the content published on the Site.

The Agreement applies to all Site services currently in operation, as well as to their modifications and services that will appear in the future. Access to the Site is provided to Users free of charge at any time of the day.

By accessing the Site, the User automatically adheres to the Agreement, which has the status of a public offer (i.e. it is open to a wide range of people). When using the services and materials of the Site, the User must comply with the requirements of Russian and international legislation.

Rights and obligations of the parties to the Contract

The administration of the Site has the right to change its Content and rules of use at any time. As soon as a new version of the Agreement appears on the Site, these changes will automatically take effect.

The User has the right to use all the features and services of the Site, purchase goods and services provided by the Site, communicate with the support team, ask questions and ask for help in case of conflict situations. E-mail for communication with support service operators.

The User may use the resources of the Site by any means that do not contradict the Agreement and the legislation of the Russian Federation. The purposes and order of use of the resource must also be legal.

Any registered player of the club has the right to copy the information published on the pages of the Web resource and use it for commercial purposes, without reporting his actions to the Administration. In addition, the User has the right to require the Administration to ensure the confidentiality of data about him.

In addition to rights, the User has certain responsibilities. They undertake, if necessary, to provide the Administration with additional information about themselves. But only on condition that this information is relevant to the services provided by the Site. He also undertakes to take into account the property and non-property rights of the owners of intellectual property forming part of the Site.

By becoming a client of the online casino that owns the Site, the user guarantees that he will have no negative impact on the operation of the Web resource. He will not disclose confidential information, nor distribute data about individuals and legal entities with which the operator cooperates. The user undertakes to avoid any actions that could lead to a violation of the confidentiality of information protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation. And he also guarantees that he will not exploit the Site to promote his own goods and services (except in cases agreed with the Administration).

The casino client undertakes not to use the services of the Web resource to cause harm to minors, representatives of national, religious and sexual minorities. He must also not deceive players and employees of the site Administration by presenting himself under another name, impersonating another person or a representative of a particular organization.

Furthermore, the User undertakes not to mislead other persons related to the Site by misrepresenting information about the services and goods provided by it. He must not carry out actions that could worsen other people’s attitudes towards the products and services, condemn the people who use them, conduct provocative conversations. Users are prohibited from uploading content that violates the rights of third parties, contains profanity, inaccurate information, promotes violence, conflicts, discrimination against people on national, social, gender or religious grounds. It is also forbidden to encourage other users to commit illegal acts and to assist people who commit such acts.

Among other things, the User is obliged to guarantee the authenticity and relevance of the information provided to the site Administration. They are also personally responsible for the security of personal data and for protecting it from the attention of third parties.

The User may not use techniques, programs, algorithms, tools and devices that provide unauthorized access and influence the Content of the Website. He must not disrupt the operation of the Web resource, bypass the navigation system, use methods not approved by the Administration to obtain information about goods and services provided by the Site.

Users are prohibited from interfering with the security and authentication system of the Web resource, collecting information about other players and tracking their actions. Customers are also not allowed to use the Site and any of its pages to violate the law, participate in activities that violate the rights of the company and third parties, as well as incite others to such activities.

Use of the Site

The Site and its Content are the property of the Site Administration and are managed by its employees. The information provided on the pages of the Web resource is protected by Russian legislation. It is subject to copyright law, trademark law, the law on unfair competition, as well as other laws and regulations.

The Agreement applies to the terms of purchase of goods and purchase of services provided by the Site and additional provisions introduced by the Administration. In addition, the information regularly published on the Site shall not be considered by Users as an amendment to this Agreement.

The list of goods and services provided by the Site, as well as their cost, may change. The Administration has the right to correct this data without informing Users.

When using the Site’s services, the User must comply with the privacy policy. The main provisions of the privacy policy are provided in the Site document. This document, like the Site Content, is updated periodically. The changes prescribed in it are considered valid from the moment of publication of the information on the Site.

Liability of the Site Administration

The Site Administration does not reimburse losses incurred by the User due to violation of the rules of the current Agreement, as well as due to unauthorized access to personal information of other players.

The Site Administration is not responsible for the actions of banking institutions with which it cooperates, for the stability of payment systems and for delays in financial transactions caused by their malfunction. The company’s employees are also not responsible for failures in the process of carrying out transactions caused by malfunctioning computers, electrical systems, telecommunications systems, natural disasters, etc.

The responsibility of the Website Administration does not extend to interruptions in its operation due to the lack of technical means necessary for the operation of the Web resource. In this case, the company’s employees are not obliged to provide customers with such means.

Violation of the terms of the Agreement

The Administration of the site may transfer personal information of the User to third parties, if this is necessary from the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Federation. In addition, the Administration has the right to refuse to cooperate with the User if he violates at least one of the terms of the Agreement. In this case, the client will be deprived of access to the Site. In addition, the User may be blocked by the Administration due to technical failures and errors or due to the closure of the resource.

If the User violates the Agreement and is blocked, the Site Administration shall have no liability towards him. The same applies to players who violate the rules contained in other documents intended to regulate the work of the Site.

Resolution of conflict situations

In the event of a conflict between the parties to the Contract, the aggrieved party may go to court. To this end, it is necessary to draw up a claim (a written proposal for the voluntary settlement of disagreements), which, if necessary, will be filed with the court.

The recipient of the claim must analyze it within 30 calendar days and notify the claimant of the results. Notification of the claim review must be provided in writing.

If the dispute cannot be resolved voluntarily, the aggrieved party must seek the services of the judicial authorities. This possibility is provided for in Russian legislation.

Within 5 days of the occurrence of grounds for drawing up a legal claim regarding the conditions of use of the Site, it must be submitted to the defendant.

An exception to this rule is cases related to copyright protection of objects contained on the pages of the Site. If this paragraph is violated, the court will leave the claim without consideration.

Additional terms of the Agreement

The User Agreement may be amended exclusively at the initiative of the Site Administration. The company’s employees do not accept proposals from Users regarding the adjustment of its main provisions.

The Administration has the right to use the reviews posted by players on the Site at its discretion. These reviews do not have the status of confidential information.

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